Checkers - Artificial Intelligence

Play checkers against the computer! The goal of this project is to explore a few AI techniques for playing checkers. In particular, I have developed a 'basic minimax' and a 'learned minimax'. The basic minimax uses the number of pieces remaining for each player as a heuristic for evaluating board state. The 'learned minimax' has acheived significantly better performance by playing games against itself to learn a complex function that evaluates game states. Checkers is a 'solved' game, so this is not an attempt to create a better checkers AI, but rather a demonstration of how a simple model learns to play checkers really well.

You control the black pieces. To move a piece, click on the piece and then click on one of the yellow move tokens. The front-end should be stable, but if you experience issues playing the game, please try another browser.

Computer AI

Game Summary